Hartley ski area, first ski…

Just got off the trail after a pair of quick loops around Hartley nature center, there are good things and bad things, although the general conditions of this winter may be the cause of some of them.

The trail conditions were so-so… a large part of this is the complete lack of snow that we have had this winter so far.  It had been an El Niño winter and a result the snow has been either lousy, slush, rain, or missing us completely.  There is nothing they can do about that.

There are a few things that are problems that they can remedy though.  The marking on the trails is a bit unclear, it actually looks like a lot of the trail signs have been stolen.  If that is the case I find this very annoying, don’t steal signs!

Often while I was going down the trail I would look at the map and have to do a complete overview of where I was to figure out what trail I was on and where I had to go.  If there were some hints along the trail for things like “this path goes from M to K”, that would be great.

The other problem is that there are too many people walking on the ski trails.  Don’t walk on the ski trails!  It really messes up the grooming on the trails, especially when there is no snow to regroom the trails.

Oh well, Hartley is going to be on the list for revisits when we actually get enough snow to actually ski.  Maybe during the daylight, I like night skiing, but going during the daylight would be a lot less stressful, maybe try some of the hard loops!

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