It’s always been about the squirrels.

It has been an interesting night, interesting in that running into unexpected people kind of way, flashbacks to the past.  I am not afraid of my past, even though parts of it do still haunt parts of my being.  I generally ignore those feelings and they go away on their own.
My life has been, for many years, the frustrating abyss of a slow death, interspersed by moments of excitement.  When I say slow death, I do not mean that there is any intentional march in that direction, just that life dictates that it requires both a beginning and an end, since I happen to have the curse of longevity, it is a very slow march.
Longevity would not be bad if it were not for the harrowing effects of aging.  The parts don’t work the way you want them to anymore.  My knee is screaming at me right now about my activity level yesterday.  It is tired and does not want to have to walk, hike, ski,  etc anymore.  These are the things that make me happy, I want to be active, without being active, what is there?
Squirrels have a simple life, they collect food, avoid predators,  eat, screw, die.  I wish that I could have that kind of life.
I would love to grow food, live off of the land, trade services with neighbors.
I read the book Anathem recently, the characters in the book started off in a Math, which, in that world was a secular enclosure where they hid themselves away from the world, much in the manner of monasteries in our world.  The difference being that instead of spending all of their time worshiping at the altar of some sky daddy, they studied.
Some of the things that they studied were so far off into the world of science that most of us would find them far to confusing to comprehend, but with study.
The thing is that the Math allowed them to close the doors to the distractions of the outside world and learn.
Learning and study for the purpose of learning and study.
Thick walls make quiet neighbors.
During the summer months they worked,  like the squirrel, to build up enough food to make it through the winter, but during the winter months it was about education.
Learning, lifelong learning.
Sounds perfect for me.

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  1. without being active, what is there?Not being active forever is bad but while you give your knee a few days off (and it is stupid cold) you can:-Learn and do research-Read-Make art-Minecraft-Do science-CuddleAnd there is a way to combat your body falling apart. Doctors can help with lots of things…


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