Trying to reinvent a wheel of dead horses…

Every once in a while I get one of those jobs at work that makes you go “oh hell, are you shitting me?”

I can it normal, but meh…

Todays job:

Setup an old Jet Direct (with unknown configuration) onto the network connected to a dot-matrix Okidata 390 plus printer.

Force Windows 7 to accualy find drivers for this thing…

Since the improved driver files do not allow you to customize page size for tractor printing, manually force the printer to believe that a “Letter” size page is 3.5″ wide and 1″ high…

Get all of the files off of a computer with no net access onto other computers where they have no drive sizes in common with one another.

Have it done before anyone needs to actually print anything….

Yep, a normal Monday.

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