And I have made my plans for the rest of the year….

It is not a big secret that I love astronomy.  Hell I spent 3 months waiting for a clear night so I could go out and shoot a photo of a faint little fuzzy comet.

Well, I am getting a small upgrade….

Ok, a huge upgrade….

I liked the IOptron mount with the digital camera on it, but it cannot compete with an 8″ Dobsian telescope (1200mm) and a full GOTO mount that will interface neatly with my laptop.

Oh, got approval to build a observatory out in the yard, going to have to murder a few trees, but alas.  It is for science.

Science is a verb now.

The telescope and all of that should be showing up next week sometime.  I am sure I will make a few minor observations with it before I get the whole observatory built.  But as soon as it starts to warm up I am getting started on getting that whole thing constructed.

I am going to have to build a cardboard mock-up to make sure that all of the parts line up the way that they are supposed to, and to make sure that my math works.  I am also going to have to run a few hundred feet of CAT6 cable in the yard…. Ironically, this isn’t the first time that has popped up.

But anywho, I have had the sniffles so I am going to lay down and try to drain….  Later!

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