Roosh, rhymes with Douche…

I recently heard about this Roosh Douche that was trying to promote the “Return of the Kings” event, legalize rape in private homes.  This frustrates me far beyond the guy being a want-to-be rapist watching hardcore porn in his mom’s basement and cowering in fear of his small penis.

I love the Pet Shop Boys dammit, and here you go making the slogan for your event so that malcontents can find each other “Do you know where the pet shop is?”  You are coming between me and my classic Eighties synth-pop than makes me all giddy and creative.  I will never forgive you for this.  What have you done to deserve this?  Oh I can tell you, and I am sure there are lots of people telling you what you have done to deserve this.

But back to Roosh the Douche.  So I was thinking about his whole proposition t make rape legal on private property.   am thinking that he is going to find out that in some senses it already is.  Considering that most prisons have been privatized since the 1980’s once he finally finds his way there he will discover that, when in prison, rape is legal.

Horrifying yes, but I have no sympathy.

Apparently he was discovered to be living in his mom’s basement when he had to call 911 about all of the threats he was getting after anonymous posted his contact details on the Internet (Thank you Anonymous).

At which point he pulled the cowards excuse “No it was satire!”

Yeah right, I don’t believe that for a second.  It is not satire, it is hate speech.  I can’t wait until someone finds a way to track a crime back to you as an inspiration to the act and providing material support (in the form of a “rape guide”).

But yeah.  I am never forgiving you for tainting my listening of the Pet Shop Boys.  I know what you have done to deserve this, I know you we just looking for an opportunity to make lots of money, and since you had found someone to pay your rent you were thinking that you didn’t care if it was wrong or right, you just wanted a lover tonight.  But how can you expect to be taken seriously?  It so hard, but at the dead of night, when strangers roam the streets in search of anyone who’ll take them home… and they always pass you by.

I sick of this, straight gangster mac….

While we are on the subject of Giant Pricks….

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