Why .05 wont work as a BAC in the United States.

I was listening to the news tonight and they were talking about how they would love to introduce a blood alcohol limit of .05 across the United States.  I personally feel that the .08 is just fine, and there is a reason I think so.

The argument that they had was that “.05 is the standard in other industrialized countries like France and Germany, so why would it not work here?”  I have the answer for that question for you…  Wait for it….

Oh yeah, in other industrialized countries they have a transportation infrastructure that included public transport.  You know, things like buses, trains, subways, street cars, what-have-you.

In the United States we tore all of that stuff up in order to force everyone to buy their own personal automobile, because, progress.  Then after forcing everyone to buy their own car they discovered that driving fatalities were going way up.  Maybe if they hadn’t gotten rid of all of the public transit.

I live in the wonderful city of Duluth Minnesota.  I can’t catch a bus within two miles of my house.  The nearest pus is just shy of three miles and on the other side of the expressway.  I would love to use that bus to go downtown but it also stops running at like 11 PM and although that may work on a weekday if I go out, that is certainly not going to work on a weekend when I like to hang out a little later.

Now when I go out I do not get hammered because I know I have t drive home, I doubt that I would even be in violation of the .05 limit, but it is a matter of policy, and the BAC breath tests are not that accurate.  I believe that the error window is somewhere in the range of 50%.  The blood test is more accurate, but that takes time, and the evidence system is rigged against you.

Yes, I cold take a taxi, but I can’t afford to take a taxi, I have had friends who owned taxi companies and would shut the meter off when it went over 20 bucks. It was at about the half way mark.

In he summer I actually would not mind taking a bike, but they have criminalized that too.

The purpose of a lower limit is not to make roads safer it is to allow more criminalization of the activity that previous generations took for granted.  All of the things that the boomers were able to do freely now they are supporting restrictions on since they are no longer ale to partake.

I am sick of it and I am going to fight back against it.  Leave the limit at .08.

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