First day with the Skywatcher 8" goto Dobsonian telescope

I bought this telescope a little bit on a whim.  I really, really, really wanted a decent telescope to play with.  Well I ordered from B&H and on the day that UPS said it was going to be delivered it arrived.

So you would think that the first thing I was going to do was put it together and start playing, right?

Nope I had a bad case of the plague/creeping crud/herd of rhino-viruses….

I was down for the count, I mean I missed work, that is huge, I think it was the first time I have been sick from work this decade.

I was so Ill they almost made me an honorary Beastie Boy….

But today when I got home from work I was feeling much better!  I mean I can stay vertical for more than 45 minutes at a time now!  This is a huge improvement.

I decided to go and tackle the huge task of assembling a telescope which took me all of an hour.

I didn’t even need tools, they were all provided.

I took pictures through!

Like I said, it arrived in two boxes.  I was not healthy enough to haul the shorter of the two down the stairs until today, damn that plague.
But it is about 80 pounds of telescope all together.  Once we get a reasonable night for viewing I will report on how well it works for seeing the stars. 

The lighter box contains the telescope tube, underneath is another box which contains the finder-scope, eyepieces, and all of that jazz.  They did include a helpful warning to to aim the telescope at the sun, I wonder why?

The other (and considerably heavier) box contains the base and Synscan system.  This is all made out of pre-cut particle board which is reasonably durable as long as you keep it dry, but generally speaking, you do not need to take your telescope out in the rain.

Secon box also contains the instructions.  They are pretty self-explanatory, but worth having around.

This is the base, the two sides, and the front (still in wrap).  If you look to the right there are a couple of bags of hardware.  The nice thing is that the hard ware was all bagged by what it went with and separated by step.  As in the handles came with the screws for the handles, the feet had the screws for the feet.  The eyepiece mount came with the screws for the eye-piece mount.  It was pretty slick!

Ignore the 8″ lens sitting on the end of the table, it was unfortunately shot.  But here are all of the controllers, the only thing that I have to make up is a battery connector so that I have a 12 volt battery with a cigarette-lighter connector on it.  I suppose I should figure out the polarity as well, meh.

30 minutes later, and with the exception of the finder-scope it is all together and ready to rock!  I mean, seriously, 30 minutes!
I am going to see what the sky looks like tonight and I may take a look towards M42 if it is clear and not too absurdly cold, other than that it may stay in hiding until spring actually gets here.  However the summers up here are long and generally clear for days on end!  That is going to be awesome!
Once I have some pictures taken through the telescope I will post those on the blog here!  Did I mention I bought all the adapters for that, because I did!

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