This has been a pathetic winter.

I look out in the backyard today and the snow is melting.  It never got over about six inches deep to begin with, but now, it is February, and what is left, is melting away.

I am not happy about this.

I cannot go skiing because it is raining.

In February.

I had a friend post last night talking about the thunderstorms they were getting north of us.

In February.

This is ridiculous.

In other news I discovered the Robinhood stock trading app and now I am pondering how capital gains work.

Turns out if I hold on to my investments over a year I pay taxes at the lower Capital Gains long term investment rate.  This is going to change how I want to buy and sell things, although there are a few stocks I am still going to blast at just keeping my earnings under the reporting limits, considering that I only have about 10-20 dollars a piece in the little ones this should not be that hard.

I have my telescope but it has been an absurdly overcast winter and as a result it is not getting any use.  I am going to start designing the observatory so that I can get started on building the complex parts as soon as possible.

I think I figured out how I want to create the drive on the dome so this will make life a bit easier on me.

Anyway, that is all I have until I get ambitious later.

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