The roller derby album, Harbor City and Cedar Rapids plus change…

I am an anomaly, in the age of digital everything I shoot manual lens (manual zoom, aperture, and focus) on a digital format.  The focus is soft, sometimes it is off.  I get to save about 5% of the shots.  The results are random and often troubling.

I love it…

This is what I ended up with from the bout on Saturday….

N speed at all in roller derby, makes catching the shots a challenge sometimes….

Soko Rebel and Ian Zane

Dread Kennedy

Fisher Price watching the action

Clever Derby Name gets a break

Cedar Rapids jammer gets free!

Soke Rebel either saying, “hey, I’m going to call this off” or “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

Norweigan Squirrel ramps up to speed….

Bacon, he isn’t a pig….

Strong walls!

Squirrel breaks free again (it was a theme)

The one hand points at the jammer, the other stay up to indicate lead.

Cedar Rapids jammer makes it through again!

I have no idea what Dread it trying to indicate here.

Clever Derby Name gets free again…

Putting on speed in the corner.

Pre-Flash Gordon is making sure that the penalties are all tracked and photogenic.

Got washed out by someones flash, but still a cool shot.

Hold that wall!

Ian Zane indicates lead for Cerad Rapids.

I Think Squirrel is breaking out again….


Strong walls.

This is what happens when you get completely blasted by someone else’s flash….

I think that may qualify as a stink eye…

Clever is not sure that she likes what she is seeing out there…

Completely innocent…

It must be the second bout, Bacon is jam reffing….

Oh, so photogenic….

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