Now we are up to three nights of really strange dreams…. Something must be in the water.

The dream du jour of this night was a spin off of Twin Peaks, only darker and more gothic.  We didn’t have all of the pretty characters, but we did have a pedophile serial killer living in a former drive-in Theater that he was now using to entertain his chickens (they would stay near the chickens on the screen, I have no idea if this would work, but willing to give it a try).

Anyway, the plucky FBI agent, who seemed to be a David Duchovney cross with Agent Cooper was working with the skinny, cute, but really off, fake-redhead local when they had to escape from the serial killer pedophile.  The only way out of the house they were trapped in was to dig out through the crypt through the bodies and into the lake where they could get free.

During the process of this happening there was a huge surge of water caused by some major geologic occurence, possibly glacial front collapse, that swept across the lake and completely destroyed th house, killing the pedophile serial killer, washing through the valley, and eventually petering out in the vicinity of the village where the investigation started.

This killed the friend of the fake-redhead, who was also a fake-redhead, as she was screwing around with a mongoloid boyfriend (the guy was borderline retarded, she led him in here by showing hims dome cool tools that were in there).  Buy when the wave swept throgh town most of the town was spared, but the boat house was completely flooded.

The real confsion started when people had to figure out where all of these random body parts that got swept out of the serial killer’s house came from.  It turns out that no one knew he was up there, raising chickens, and murdering visitors this whole time. Skulls for everyone!

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