Ides of March, Pizza Luce, Duluth The Infinite Sadness covering Smashing Pumpkins….

The last band really bumped it up a click…  Kicked it up a notch, whatever….  It was like sex while camping…  Fucking in tents!

Enough with the bad puns, and I am not going to post that picture of the real Smashing Pumpkin dude on the amusement park train…

I borrowed a lens from the bouncer (Donkey) for a bit and shot from further back, then  I switched back to my 28 and was basically sitting on stage, as you can tell from how close some of the shots are.

Thinking I may bust out the 50mm 1.4 for the shows later tonight, it may be fun….

Oh well, here you go!


Mindy was getting into it…

Who ever the bastard was that stuck a strobe light behind the drummer needs a good spanking.

Its about the hair….

This time the strobe worked out ok…

About here is where I start sitting on stage…

Considering that I am using a 28mm lens you can guess about how far away I was.

Ok, one more quick album of people pictures, then I think it is dinner time…

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