Being troubled by time.

Time, it has always troubled me. It seems that in some senses it is consistent across mediums, but once objects start moving and different objects are experiencing time.

For fucks sake, ok, from the point of view of a particle of light, by which we set our standard of time, there is no time. Relitivity sucks.

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  1. This is something that I think about often.Time is energy. We do our best to measure it, record it, and understand it.Our Universe is about 35 billion years old, and it would take over 125 trillion light “years” to reach the other end of it, traveling at the speed of light, the most common measurement.Then onto light, and if all energy has gravity.Light has been known to bend “around” black holes due to gravity, as well as to refract, and the same can be said for many other types of commonly known spectrum's of energy. Radio waves can 'bounce' off clouds and atmosphere, known to HAM radio operators as a “skip”. Radiation, in gamma, beta, and alpha waves all have different properties in relation to matter, and an energy refraction/ absorption rate.Time and gravity are closely related, too, in that mass creates a gravitational force. Could anti-matter (which has been created and observed, briefly), or types of cold fusion create… Anti-time? Which is why they can, only by definition, pop into and out of existence.


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