Wildlife, nature, and squirrels….

I take pictres, and since I traded my old camera to my sister for her older camera I have a beat-a-round camera that I can take all over the place and not have to worry as much about things like dropping it…

As a result I have been ending up with lots of nature pictures….

It is a natural result…

Here are a few from this spring….


Seriously?  Are you taking my picture?

This is mu angry face….

Fine, I’m now giving you the cold shoulder….

Lester River, spring flood.

Seasonal waterfalls.

Spring is an intermittant thing.

Get down from there….

See, total menace….

He knows there is a way…

Proper bird feeder usage….

We will not ask how he got them.

Black cap chickadee…

I call all of these LBB’s


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