Periods of forced creativity…

I’m never able to be creative at the spur of the moment, and I’m never creative when it’s convenient. I am not always able to write out what I’m thinking or would be excellent topics worth discussing, as I attempt to look at ideas from more than one point of view. If I am not able to see it from another point of view, I generally don’t discuss most of them, spare some trusted friends who may have interesting advice. I’ve made a short list of those rogue ideas.

Why aren’t there more programs to align homeless people to work related housing in a structured work-farm type of environment that also couples medical and psychiatric care.
At the current rate of deforestation, and continued population growth and without slowing the use of non renewable fossil fuels, how does man intend to survive?
With 4 political candidates, each party has become divided. The far left, working class democrats for Bernie Sanders, The central left-business Democrat, Hilliary Clinton, The Central Right- business, Moderate Ted Cruz, and the Far Right Business Republican, Donald Trump. With the current trends of supported candidates, it’s liable to fracture each party into their own parties into a 3 or 4 party system.
Why don’t we switch to one world currency, already?
Why don’t we all just use the metric system, already?
Why don’t we use ‘metric time’, instead of a 24 hour day, 7 day week, and stupid organization of days in months?
How can we evolve by keeping around the least genetically fit specimens far past their intended life span, and likewise, do we deserve to evolve?
“Fat Shaming” isn’t nice, but it brings up the point that it’s the most socially accepted form of addiction and an obvious byproduct of a society that strives for an immediate gratification and convenience. It’s further personified by arguments against very basic scientific concepts of the energy consumed either get’s expelled or stored with a flimsy yet adamant defense like “my genetics say I will be fat.” I am constantly reminded that my harmful behavior of smoking a cigarette isn’t allowed in McDonalds, because it interferes with their “healthy choice dollar menu”. If they could, without vast public outcry, sell deep fried mayonnaise balls (with gravy, of course), in every public school in ‘Murica, they would.
I’d love to be sent to a colony on Mars, if only to be surrounded by truly intelligent people who are concerned about their survival.
Why does a college sports athlete get a free ride, plus perks, when a Mensa student has to work 3 jobs, and take out loans which put them into debt up to their eyes to go to the exact same school?
At which point will man find a greater mortal adversary than himself?

Most of these thoughts get well thought out instead of sleeping on most nights, with seemingly simple solutions that almost nobody will embrace. I do my best to blurb some nonsense down on a piece of paper which gets jammed into my wallet, and I make every attempt at actually writing them down, but they never appear on paper because the spirit at the moment is lost within the moment I’m living in.

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