Not that I have been ignoring you….

It is spring, that means yard work, copious amounts of yard work….

I have not started the observatory yet, but it is on the list, there is also a new greenhouse on that list.  also some massive landscaping that needs to get done.  Most of this needs to be done by August because there is a family get-together planned for August.

Ugh, not to menthion the two gardens that need to get tilled, the wood that needs to get split, and in my spare time I am going to attempt to have a life.

I have been making my daily step counts and activity time goals without leaving the yard…

Luckily the skid-steer is almost back in working order, the big tiller is ready to rock, and the mower in functional, oh yeah, mowing starts next week…

No rest for the wicked…  Or the evil I guess…

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