Marcie’s Retirement and the test of the new lens.

Marcie retired, she ran the Amazing Grace coffee shop from when Chip got sick until she decided that it was time to hand it off to her son this year.  Since I have been, for many years, involved in the coffee scene I was invited to the retirement party (it was very worth going) and I enjoyed myself.

The irony is that I was there as the part time delivery guy and office worker extraordinaire with the former full-time delivery person whose retire party was the night before.

I guess things happen in pairs.

I was also testing out a new lens.

I had found a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 FD mount lens on Ebay for a reasonable price and I had snapped it up.

The focus is smooth and precise, it is a push-pull zoom and it feels like it is built to last.

I should also mention it weighs about the same as my Canon 60d.

If you shot with FD mount lenses and you see one at a reasonable price I would pick it up though, it has been a dream to shoot with all summer.  I have bought a lot of lenses and I use them a few times and go meh…  This lens has stayed with me all summer and has gotten a ton of usage!  The lenses I carry with in my quick kit these days are the 28mm 2.8 Vivitar and the 70-200mm 2.8 Sigma.

This also was my first good bike ride of the year, something there certainly have not been nearly enough of.

But anywho, on with the picture, no one want to see my words, they want to see the graphics!

Marcie (in the big chair)

Testing the new lens (how does this zoom work?)



The water towers

Depending on who you speak to Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum, the Ice House, or an abandoned sand dock.

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