Quick walk at Split Rock

I got my state park permit, I have yet to make a proper use out of it, but now that the observatory is enclosed and structural damage will be less likely to occur as a result of delaying an extra day I may spend some late summer days out on the trail.

That and if the cross country skiing comes early this year (fingers crossed).

But anyway, Meagan and I went for a quick hike up at Split Rock because I had never hiked to the river before.  I brought a camera.

A daisy!  With bugs…

Wild rose

We had no idea what this insect is, if anyone knows please comment below.

Another picture of the mystery bug.

This is at the mouth of the Split Rock  river.  There used to be a lumber dock here, but it burned down around the turn of the century and was never rebuilt.

Another view.

Looking up the creek.

I had to get the shot through the tunnel that comes off the highway.

Giant Stonefly larva

Last view of the creek mouth.
As has been so frequent this year the weather looked like it was starting to take a turn for the worse and I decided it was time to hike back and drive home.  It went around Duluth largely, but it got pretty rock around there, even had numerous tornado warnings.
Speaking of which, the weather for tonight does not look severe, but definitely looks like it is going to be rainy and wet, which means it will be a good night to inspect the observatory for leaks!

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