Hungism, Origin of the Universe

In the beginning there was a dish pit, and it was good.  The dishes arrived dirty, and they left clean.  This is how things are meant to be.  But there was no order to how the dishes ended up until there came to be an organization of the chaos.

In the dish pit there was a man, his name was Hung and it was hung that cleaned the dishes and made them clean.  When the dishes were cleaned there were then placed into the spaces that made the most sense for them to end up in.

On the first day the restaurant was dark and and it was difficult to make sure the dishes were cleaned as well as they could be.  There was still a little light that came into the dish pit from other dish pits outside of the restaurant, but over all it was dark.  Then a dish was found that emitted light, Hung called this dish the sun and he placed it at the center of the restaurant.  Now there was light and it was good.

Hung finished cleaning his dishes and went and had a beer.  The days work was complete.

On the second day a dish came through and when it was cleaned it has a fancy blue green swirl pattern on the dish which Hung found pleasing.  Hung named the dish the Earth and placed it at a booth a distance away from the dish pit that it got just enough light to make its blues and greens really shine.  Shortly there after a bunch of other dishes came through that had different patterns on them, blues and greens, reds, even some whites.  These were placed in the restaurant at different booths, all at differing distances from the dish pit.

Now the days dishes were complete and Hung retired for the night and drank a beer.  Life was good.

On the third day a bunch of dishes came through that were smaller and seemed to not be as complete as the dishes that had come through the day before.  Hung decided that these dishes did not have as much beauty as the dishes that he had cleaned the day before but they were very complementary of some of the dishes that came through the day before so he distributed them around the restaurant.  At the pat of the restaurant nearest the dish pit it was already crowded so at the two plates nearest the dish pit he did not add any more.  At the third table with the pleasing blue and green swirly plate he placed one of the new smaller plates.  Further out he placed more until he was almost out, most all of the new smaller plates ended up around the tables which were between the fifth and eighth our from the dish pit.  He decided to call these little plates moons, and once they were all cleaned and distributed through the restaurant all of the dishes were cleaned and life was good.

Hung drank a beer and retired for the night, all was well in the restaurant.

On the fourth day Hung was bored with the static nature of the restaurant so he called in some new employees to assist him.  He named these new employees Gravity, Centripetal force, and Entropy.  Gravity was really good at moving the tables and everything on them towards the dish pit.  Centripetal Force was very good and making sure that he kept gravity from bunching everything up towards the dish pit and kept everything relatively where it was, although for some odd reason the constant work between them caused everything in the restaurant to rotate around the dish pit.  The tables nearest the dish pit moved the fastest and the tables further away moved slower and Gravity and Centripetal Force work back and forth against each other.  Since they did not have to run as far to get to the tables nearest the dish pit they moved the most, and hence they moved the fastest.  In the meantime Entropy, who was kind of a klutz would occasionally break things.  One day he smashed two of the moons around the sixth table out from the dish pit into billions of tiny pieces.  Gravity and Centripetal Force were besides them selves but did not want to bring thousands of tiny pieces into the dish pit so they made it into a halo around the table in memory of the two moons.  This is how Saturn got its ring.  The days dishes were all washed and the restaurant was working wonderfully.

Hung drank a beer and also bought beers for Gravity, Centripetal Force, and even Entropy.  Life was good.

On the fifth day Hung decided he wanted to see what he could make in the kitchen of the restaurant and he made a beautiful dish he called life.  Gravity and Centripetal Force were still busy moving the tables around the restaurant so he called on Entropy to serve this new dish called life to all of the tables.  When Entropy tried to serve life to the inner most planets Mercury and Venus Gravity and or Centripetal Force kept moving the table out of the way and Entropy, being the Klutz that he was never was able to get life to stick on those tables.

When Entropy tried to get life to the third table he managed to get it right on to the plate and it stayed, but when he tried to get it to any of the other tables further way from the kitchen, and the dish pit, he always spilled the life and it was never able to get any served anywhere else in the restaurant, although it is possible that a little bit of the life may have splashed up on the Mars table, and even possible onto some of the little moon plates around the Jupiter table and the Saturn table.

Hung was happy with the life he was created and he decided to call it a night.  He sat down and had a beer with Gravity, Centripetal Force, and Entropy.  Life was good.

Gravity, Centripetal Force, Entropy and Hung proceeded to drink straight through the next two days for it was the weekend, and even Hung deserves a day off now and then.

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