Times are changing.

This is a brain dump, just fair warning.

Times they are a changing, well, actually they always have been, but the older I get the more noticeable that it is. I still have never jnderstood hip hop, random lyrics, sensical, nonsensical, all mixed over a bass line. I get why it is popular, pondering if anyone has tried to fuck with the genre by mixing sick beats with truly sick literature, like hip hop mein kampf.

Ok, now that is out of my head, the couch in the observatory is coming soon, like really, really soon, like I need to sand, put some paint on the walls, let it dry for a few hours and put the couch in soon.

This changes everything, also, the deck is structurally present now, it does not have railings tet, and it will be a bit before the twelve foot ladder drips off the end, but the basics are there. The deck gives the possibility of plein air painting on nice days, mostly I am thinking spring and fall, Summer I can retreat to the basement, winter I can pull myself inside of the big window and still have the afternoon sun.

I just realized I do not believe I have ever painted in natural light, thus may change everything.

I already know what the first painting is going to be, but it will remain secret, at least until after it is done, dried, packed, and mailed.

Plans, construction, designs on my future.

It has been a crazy, busy, and productive summer. Hopefully the fall and winter will match, I have been fighting off the seasonal ennui again, alas.

Ok, that is enough for a “from the phone” update,  mostly just wanted everyone to know I am still alive.

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