Who the fuck is Evan McMullin?

He is running for president.

He is only on the ballot in a hand full of states but he can be written in elsewhere.

He is conservative, and  Mormon, so he sides exactly where you would think on most social issues, but he thinks that same sex marriage is a done issue and people should get over it, I am guessing that this is partially because he is 40 years old and still capable of adjusting to the society that he has to live in.

On most of the issues he would fall as a standard conservative, tax cuts, cut social security, do something about the ACA, although he does like some of the provisions of the ACA, which means there is some hope.

Will he get my vote?  Well, no.  I am not a conservative, and there is far too much disagreement on some of the issues, for instance I am extremely pro-choice, as no one should ell some one else what to do with their body, to do so makes them second class citizens.

Is he better than Trunp?  Oh fuck yeah!  He may be out of the short-sighted conservative plank as I see it, but at least he would not start the next World War through ignorance and avarice.

So yeah, that is what I am sating on this point.

Oh, and he is better looking than Trump, so there is that if you are a shallow voter who just wants a pretty president.  He is no Justin Trudeau, but, meh, doesn’t matter to me, I am not into guys.

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