Another close call on the Asteroid front!

Asteroid 2016 VA went skimming past the Earth yesterday, the miss distance was 50,000 miles, give or take…  This is only one fifth the distance from the Earth to the Moon!

It wasn’t a big rock, not a life-on-Earth coming to an abrupt end kind of thing, but big enough that if it made it into the atmosphere it would be similar to that rock that hit Russia a coupe of year back, if it had a more direct path and hit a populated area it would be a bad scene in that immediate area.

The fun thing is that this rock is in our neighborhood and sticking around!  Expect another close call on Novembr 2nd 2024!  According to he forecast at its closest it would still miss by 70,000 miles, but could miss by as much as 2 million miles…  I am guessing they will narrow that down a bit over time.

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