Sorry, no pluto yet…

I just missed…

No really, it was not very dark yet either, but give it some time.

Here are a few more…

I always start with the moon, it is a really good object for getting the focus set.

 And if you wiggle over a little bit you can get the light side really nice.  Atsome point I am going to combine two of these images so you can get both sides.

 The Cigar galaxy, one of my favorites.

 Mars, a touch over exposed, but the color lines are cool, there is also an odd circle about where the outermost moon should be.

That blue dot almost in the center, that’s Uranus….

Like I said I tried to get Pluto, unfortunately I missed by about .2 degrees…  I am having a few alignment issues, seems to wander more than it should, my battery may be getting dead though.  I have the power adapter for it, I would just have to run a cord until I get an outlet up there tomorrow.

Oh, and there is this thing too…

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