Pluto is not very easy to see… However, not impossible to see.

Pluto is damn…. damn….  DAMN!!!!! dim.

That being said, here is the moon.

 Slightly more moon than yesterday, it looks like the clear skies are going to disappear for a few days, and I have to work in the mornings, so by the time we get back to the moon it will either be really big or getting smaller.

 Ok, Pluto is in this picture..  No really, its there…  It is really, really, really damn faint however, that and the clouds, plus the moon light, and that it was not far after sunset made it a really really hard shot.  I am going to do some processing and cropping and I will see what I get…  Maybe by the end of this blog.

 This is Mizar, (the really bright one in the center) the second brightest star in the picture (up and to the left) is Alcor.  If you look REALLY closely at Mizar you may notice that it isn’t just one star, it is two stars.

Ok, here is the really fun part, Alcor us actually two stars as it has a red dwarf companion, Mizar is actually 4 stars rotating as two groups of two stars orbiting around each other.  The pairs that make up the stars of Mizar are so close that they can only be percieved using spectography!

Now the fun history part, Mizar and Alcor make up the second star from the end of the handle in the Big Dipper.  Back in the olden days the ability to see them as two stars is what allowed you to be an archer in the Greek army, or something like that.

This is Shedir in Cassiopeia.  The fun thing about this is that it is in the Milky Way, and as a result this picture is really damn busy.
Ok, I promised….  But it is not very impressive, I will try again on a dark night, more than an hour after sunset, although this may not be for several months…

Theoertically                                    ^

There is a barely visible slightly faint spot near the blue stuck pixel, should be above the little carrot thing, although screen resolutions will throw that all to shit.

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