Fun at zero degrees with a star filter

I decided to venture outside in the blustery cold! Ok, it was nonsense cold, like cover up or your ears will fall off cold.  The air was about zero degrees, but the wind made it feel like twenty degrees below zero.  Thankfully I have the proper clothing for these conditions.

Not sure the camera likes it, but meh….

I also have a star filter, not a filter for looking at stars, a filter that makes star bursts around bright objects.


 The moon, Orion is off to to the right.

 The very, very, very cold observatory, and the big building.

 Looking down the road towards town

 Looking up at the moon again.

 Looking down the road going the other way.  You can see how the fisheye distorts the edges of the image.

 Wide view of the ranch.

Looking down the waterline.

These were all shot with the fancy new Canon 10-18mm lens, bang for the buck, it is pretty damn good.  I tossed a star filter on it for giggles which made for the cool patterns around the lights.

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