Copper Harbor Sunset – Amazing!

After taking a bunch of pictures of the lake I decided that the sun was going to be getting pretty close to the horizon so I decided to pack up two lenses and my camera and wander down to the lake to shoot a couple of more shots.  Living in Duluth the sunset is always hidden behind the hill and we never get to see the sun go all the way down to the horizon.  I was rewarded handsomely for my efforts!  Check it out!

I swapped back and forth between the Cannon Ef-s 10-18mm Lens and the Sigma Manual focus FD 70-200mm F2.8 Lens.  I have not done any editing other than putting the watermarks on!

 Copper Harbor Lighthouse.
 Looking West along the beach.
 I built a cairn, I do that kind of thing…
 I was not the only person setting up to watch the sunset!
 Another view of the light before the show began.
 Getting lower.
 Starting to hide behind the clouds.
 And now behind the clouds!
 Going down right behind the clouds caused the sun to throw up some interesting refraction and shadows.
 The show continued for a while.
 I had to zoom out so I could get all of it!
 It was a hell of a sunset!
 The lighthouse was getting darker now.
 But the show continued!
 Then the rest of the sky started to light up!
 And just kept getting more impressive!
 The water decided it wanted to jump in the game as well.
 Shadows, light, reflections…
 And a closing shot of the lighthouse.

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