Memorial Day weekend drive to Copper Harbor

I decided that I was going to test out the new tent and sleeping bag.  Turns out they work just fine.

I was going to go looking for rocks, but I did not find anything horribly impressive.

I did take my camera with me, and with that I got some wonderful shots!

This is going to spread across several blog stories…

I am not sure why Blogger always puts these pictures in out of order, but it does, alas…  It may be grabbing things in order of clicking, which is odd, I just want to grab all the ones I uploaded.
Anyway, this is a tree, I was playing with the Sigma 70-200 F2.8 lens again…
I am still in love with that lens and the soft focus.
 This is Highway 41 as you get close to Copper Harbor.  The trees actually touch across the highway, of which this is an oddly straight stretch, hence my ability to drive and shoot a decent picture at the same time.
 I have no idea who names it, but this is Lake Fanny Hooe.
 More of the lake, it was calm and the reflection was wonderful!
 The the sun came out/started getting lower in the sky.  When the sun gets lower in the sky the light goes from white, to yellow, to red. This is a side effect of it passing through more atmosphere, I could explain it better but that is for another post.  Obviously I am not using the 70-200 to get this one.  This is with my shiny new Canon 10-18mm fisheye.  I enjoy this lens, and I switched back and forth exclusively between the Canon and the Sigma this weekend.
 Tree branch with buds, it caught my eye.
 There was someone in the next little overlook of the lake throwing rocks, I have photographic evidence!
 A little wind makes for a cool reflection, obviously back to the Sigma.
 Nice wide view looking South East across the lake, Fisheye lens (duh).
 SE through the trees.
 Its just a lot of reflections!
 Right across the camp road from my camp sight was this walkway down to the lake, I took a lot of pictures from this spot!
That is all for this blast, but fear not, the next one is coming soon.  I think I am going to go out and get some work done before I get going on the sunset pictures (hint, they are awesome!!!!)

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