Across Nebraska, the post-eclipse-adventures!

After the eclipse Meagan and I drove from where we were in South Eastern Nebraska to Merritt Reservoir in North (somewhat west) Nebraska, near Valentine to camp for the night.  Here are the adventure photos from the drive!

 These are the clouds when we got to the eclipse site, we were worried, but our guides told us that it would clear in time.  Thankfully they were right.

 Our eclipse viewing area was between the corn and a cemetery.  It was the coolest spot, in my opinion.

 A really big spider to upload to INaturalist later…

 Does anyone recognize these plants?  I am going to upload these to INaturalist as well.


 Bug spray on the windscreen…

 This was the Eastbound traffic on the freeway in Lincoln, Nebraska.

 Another view.  Please note that there is almost no one heading west, but the road was full (and going slow) heading East.

 Prairie country

 Big grain elevator.

 Starting to get some more terrain

 Hills and reflections.

 This was the “road” that we got sent down on out way to the reservoir.  It was basically a 25 mile long driveway!

But we survived and made it to Merritt Reservoir!

Links to the whole eclipse adventure!
Driving down to Nebraska
Beginning of the eclipse
The eclipse proper! Totality!
The sun comes back
Driving across Nebraska
Sandhills, Badlands, Black hills
Close ups of Sandhills, Badlands, and the Black Hills
Black Hills to the Big Horns
Bighorns Nature Hike
Back through the Bighorns and across Montana

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