Driving to the Eclipse!

Meagan and I drove down to the eclipse!  Then we took a road trip, Sunday we were in traffic the whole way from Minneapolis to Omaha, but we found our way to our secret sleeping location and we had a great meal and a wonderful place to sleep with some old friends.
There are not a lot of pictures because I had not shown Meagan how to use my funky cameras (I brought two).  The 60d is pretty easy to operate, and the 55-250 lens is a utilitarian zoom.  The other camera seems to have had some focus issues, but it popped up some gems as I am starting to go through all of them now.  It is an 8mp Rebel XT that I had plopped a 10-18 fisheye on.  The upside is you get incredible zooms, the bad side is when you are shooting out the windshield you see a lot of windshield.
 This is our travel companion, the dinosaur, he will pop up a lot in these albums….
Leaving Minnesota…
Welcome to Iowa…
Welcome to Omaha…
There was not a lot shot that first day, it was a lot of windshield time.  Alas, it is what it is…

Links to the whole eclipse adventure!
Driving down to Nebraska
Beginning of the eclipse
The eclipse proper! Totality!
The sun comes back
Driving across Nebraska
Sandhills, Badlands, Black hills
Close ups of Sandhills, Badlands, and the Black Hills
Black Hills to the Big Horns
Bighorns Nature Hike
Back through the Bighorns and across Montana

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