Thursday, back through the Big Horns! Then Montana

Thursday morning, woke up in the Big Horn mountains, then drove west out of the Big Horns, north, then back across the Big Horn Mountains via a different route!  Then scooted across Montana and into NoDak for the night.

Nice Marmot

Way high up!
View from the top…
Distant marmot….
Millennial stylin…
 Dead dinosaur

 Dinosaur is resurrected!
 So scenic..
 So nice…
 Badlands, everywhere
 I have passed this sign so many times….
 North Dakota!
 More badlands
 Prairie dogs everywhere 
Medora cliffs, and little Missouri River

Links to the whole eclipse adventure!
Driving down to Nebraska
Beginning of the eclipse
The eclipse proper! Totality!
The sun comes back
Driving across Nebraska
Sandhills, Badlands, Black hills
Close ups of Sandhills, Badlands, and the Black Hills
Black Hills to the Big Horns
Bighorns Nature Hike
Back through the Bighorns and across Montana

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