Professional gaslighting?

I ponder sometimes how prevalent institutionalized gaslighting is among public mental health services.  It would be to the benefit of these organizations to convince as many people as they can that they are all crazy, and need to come back for services.  At the same time it would also be beneficial to make the people coming back be as easy to deal with, and treat as possible.  So what is to stop doctors from convincing their patients that they are crazy so that they can keep them coming back.  Keep collecting money from the state, and keep collecting a paycheck without actually having to do any real work.

I know that this is apt to be an unpopular position to hold. and that there are a lot of people that are in actual need of help for whom access to public mental health services are a life saver, literally, (I am sure I can find a book that explains this).

However, I also am well aware of the nature of humans, greed, and the general disrespect for humanity that my fellow sociopaths have.  If I was a psychologist I could see how this would be a tempting practice, and I know a lot of people who seem like they are treated with a disproportionately large amount of treatment for the scope of their problems.  They are convinced that they are far more abnormal than they actually are.  Psychological gas lighting…..

Hmmm, makes you think.

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