And the hunt goes on…

Its spring, I am antsy, I want to get on the boat, I want to get a new job.  Maybe even find someone with similar thoughts on cuddling.  I have been entertaining myself working out in the greenhouse.  It is kind of nice, even if it is 20 degrees outside, it will still be 60-80 degrees in the greenhouse!  We are thinking that next week we will be planting everything and making sure the heat is on so it does not get too cold at night.

I think I am going to take some pictures out there today, so everyone can see what I am working with.  Not that there are a lot of people following the blog, but I am hoping that eventually all of my shit-posting will add up to something!

I have officially separated from Facebook.  I still have a twitter, but there is no personal information attached to it.

It is almost firewood season.  I am pondering taking some time today to run around and grab a couple of truckloads of logs from down the street.  The wood is all seasoned and should be good this year, at least good enough for fall firewood.  And never say no to free cords of firewood.

That is all for now.  I will see if I have more for later.

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