Will this winter never end?

Before you start going off on a rant about how this disproves global warming, it doesn’t.  There is a difference between weather and climate, and the additional kinetic energy of a warming atmosphere make anomalies more likely, not less likely.

But at the same time I wish I could get the boat in the water, I am sick of winter, it was warming up nicely and now it seems to have stalled for the moment.  I am sure that if we looked at the weather charts the reason for the local warming hiatus is something really simple like a jet stream that happens to be stalled in a position whereas the air masses that are rolling over the northern tier of the United States are coming south from the arctic instead of north out of the gulf or over the Rockies from the Pacific.

The other aspect of this is that the storm tracks generally follow along the jet stream, most of the storm systems as of late have been drawn south of us, but as the worm turns they are going to be drawn over the top of us.

There is another storm forecast to hit the area on Thursday-Saturday.  Personally I am hoping for rain over snow.  It would be far more beneficial to get a half an inch, or a slow inch of rain over the region that six inches of snow.  A half inch of rain would melt most of the remaining snow and kick start plant growth.  As a side effect the increased plant growth absorbs more of the sun energy, especially over a fresh white blanket of snow, and keeps the surface warmer at night.  It never really warms up here until the leaves pop out on the trees.

I want it to warm, but thanks to the big lake, even after it has warmed up in other areas, often as close as 15-20 miles away, it will remain cold in Duluth.

Until the cycle finally breaks, then summer can begin, and the beach walking and general insanity can begin.

I plan on being on the boat ball summer, or at least as much of the summer as I can stand.  The goal is to get used to being on the boat so that eventually I can sail away.  I imagine that I am going to upgrade to an even larger boat before I run away to the Caribbean, but that is on the list of eventual plans.

Oh well, I have burned enough of the morning writing this, it is reasonably warm outside and I think I want to go and haul some firewood about.


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