Its Monday, potential storm starts Thursday night, I am not even sure if the low has made it onshore yet, lets look at the forecasts!

Weather Service – Might have a storm
Weather Channel 9-16″
Accuweather 11.2″
Wunderground 5-24″

I will keep this updating, I have found that Accuweather numbers will vary considerably,. even after the event happens. The others do similar things.  So far it seems like everything likes to roll just south of us, I would not be surprised if this does too.

Tuesday!  Lets see how things have changed…

Weather Service Too far out, check back later, but the first part of the hourly forecast shows 2.4″
Weather Channel 7-14″
Accuweather 12.6″ (was up to ~17″ earlier in the day)
Wunderground 9-16″

Wednesday Morning…

Weather Service Still too far out, but chance of 4″ somewhere
Weather Channel 1-3″
Accuweather 3.2″
WUnderground 1-3″

Should be noted that GFS is showing 16″ and CMC is showing 8″

As of 8am GFS is now showing 4″


The storm is going south

Weather Service 2.9″
Weather Channel 1-3″
Accuweather 4.4″
Weather Underground 1-4″

Its Friday, the first band is running south of us again, lets check on those forecasts…

National Weather Service 7.3″
Weather Channel 3-5″
Accuweather 15″
Weather Underground 4-8″

Its Saturday morning, the storm was supposed to hit last night (nothing has happened yet, just some flurries).
National Weather Service 8.1″
Weather Channel 5-8″
Accuweather 7.8″
Weather Underground 6-11″

So what actually happened? 12.3″!

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