Captains log 18 05 13

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I decided not to stay on the boat last night, it was just too cold and I wanted to get a bunch of work done at home before I got distracted. As it turned out a switch in the wind was a good thing and compared to the 42 degrees that it was last night when I finally finished up reading through a writing project I have been working on and deciding that it is actually good, today it is 78 degrees according to the outdoor thermometer, likely a little optimistic, but even in the cabin it is 73 degrees. It is windier today, but it is going in the direction that blows be straight back out of the dock, do getting in and out will be a piece of cake!
I also remembered to grab the seat cushion for this seat so I am no longer sitting on a life jacket when I am writing. I actually had a full car load on the way here, I grabbed my art supplies, I grabbed some clothes that I can wear, for instance if I was feeling saucy and wanted to change into short I could now!
I also finally found a vacuum, so I did a little cleaning on the floor, although I have a lot more that needs to be done before I can really consider it clean, it looks better. I think I am going to do that before anyone shows up, now that I think about it. I will be right back.
The floor cleaned up well, then people showed up and the boat left the dock! The GPS program works awesome! The GPS location was accurate to having me on the correct side of the correct dock in the marina.
I also discovered that my knot meter reads low, I am going to work on adjusting it next time I get a chance to go out and we have people along that can sail while I fiddle.
Oh well, here are some pics!

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