Good day to stay at the dock!

I got to the boat and got the motor started up, I had checked the weather and they were predicting a wind switch with 10 mph winds, gusting to 16 before dropping off to 8 mph.  While we were waiting for our third person to arrive we watched at the race fleet went out in the lake to run a race and shortly after they had cleared the bridge one of my dock neighbors called out, hey, look at the flag over there!

The flag was point straight back out of the NE, we had SW winds all day and with the off-shore breeze it had warmed up to a very pleasant 85 degrees.  That wind shortly got to us at the marina and the temperature immediately plummeted.  Not to mention I was getting 5 degrees of heel at the dock with all of the sails wrapped and stowed!  Oh, and the wind was at my aft quarter, not even getting hit broadside!

Here is a screen shot showing the sudden change in the weather.

That switch from 81 degrees, west wind at 9 to 48 degrees with NE wind gusting to 38 was a killer!

The poor little J24 ‘151’ was caught in the ship canal when the wind switched, which was accompanied with a inbound current as well as the water sloshed across the surface into the harbor driven by the strong winds.

Here is a video someone caught of ‘151’ getting dis-masted by the bridge.

I checked with those guys later back at the dock and everyone was ok, but they were not the only one who had trouble.
As the boats were streaming back into the harbor we saw another boat that had lost a fore-stay.  And the two boats that came into our marina both had issues, the one came in hot and even with three helpers on the dock we were not able to stop him from bumping the pier, luckily with the anchor mount and not the fiberglass.  Shortly later another J24 came in and we got him to the dock safely but five minutes later his stern line snapped and he hit the concrete as well, luckily there were people still around so only minor cosmetic damage.
It was a good night to stay at the dock and have dock beers.

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