Captains log 18 05 18 stay warm!

I am going to try this sleeping on the boat thing again, it has been a relaxing night out, I went to a memorial for an old friend of mine after work, it went well. Afterwards we met at the Owl’s for a beer and bad humor. I think the air is clear again.
I was hoping for some thunder tonight, but I think the air near the lake is still too cold. I am wnting to do some fiberglass work tomorrow, and the whole sleep on the boat and wake up at 8 in the morning after a real nights sleep will be nice. I can go home, eat, and get ready to face the day and still be up out on the town earlier than if I went home to my regular bed. That and the drive is a lot shorter. From my hang out to the boat is less that a mile, from there to home is closer to ten.
I have my tooth brush and all of the necessary amenities on the boat, that and the rocking put me to sleep like a baby, that and I stay asleep. I jus have to warm it up in here for a while first. The space heater is working on it, by the time I finish this post and get it up on the net I should be pretty well set. I think the night is actually supposed to warm up as the night rolls through, thank you wind switch, so it should be a comfortable enough night.
I got started on making a Facebook page for the boat tonight, as the result of some requests to do so. I am not a huge fan of the Facecrack and it immediately annoyed me. Alas, it is the only way to find people these days. Something like a quarter of the planet is on Facebook now. What kind of a world do we live in?
I have been working on writing my story again. I know approximately where it is going to go. Speaking of which, I should back it up somewhere not on the hard disk so that I will not lose anything. I can solve this easily by emailing myself a copy….
I am at the 15,000 odd word stage, it is passing novella and becoming something real. I originally intended it to be a short story, but it got interesting and away from me.
Ohhh, according to the thermometer it is up to 50 degrees in here, how about I keep writing.
Wednesday was interesting, Tomkins lost his mast when he got blown into the lift bridge after a particularly violent wind switch. I saw another, presumably better maintained boat with a broken fore-stay. The two people in the marina that came in after the switch both hit the dock, luckily to minor effects in both cases.
51 degrees, I am making progress! If I can get it to sixty in here I will sleep like a dream!
It looks like the lake drove the storms to the north, so no thunder for me tonight. Alas, I wanted to hear some nice low rumbles, I guess I will have to wait for another night for that kind of fun.
So tomorrow I was thinking of re-fiberglassing the interior portions of the chain plates, reinforcing the portion in the cabin where years of water leakage did a number on the wood. I am also going to extend the chain plates further down and into the wood where it is a lot more solid. I think in general more is better when it comes down to what I have everything attached to. I was just going to extend it down with an aluminum plate extending down through another 4 bolts, but after some thought and research on the subject of dielectric corrosion I am either going to come up with some stainless or use normal steel, and find some stainless when I get a chance to come across some, which happens in my life.
52 degrees.
I am not sure if it is the heater or just me breathing down here that is doing the most work on warming things up. Oh wait, 53 degrees, must be the heater, hopefully some of this heat is making it to the Vee-berth.
I had three beers and three cups of rather gut-rotty coffee tonight, I think I need to bring them some coffee pot cleaner again. It really does a good job of saving my belly when the coffee pot is clean and the coffee doesn’t taste burnt. Generally speaking that isn’t the coffee though, usually it is just that the pot and the brewer needs a good cleaning.
Ok, enough digression for now. I should be getting off to sleepy land, it is twenty to two in the morning, still hovering at 53 degrees, but that isn’t that much colder than what I would get sleeping in the basement at home, never mind, just switched to 54 degrees.
I will plug my phone into the charger, brush my teeth and then see where we are at. Even after I unplug the heater it will still kick out heat for a while, if we could get a wind switch it would really make the difference.
Well, the boat is up to 55 degrees and the fan is blowing away from where the thermometer is mounted, although I am sure that most of the warm air is rising, theoretically some of this blew into the Vee-berth.
I am going to post this mess to the interwebs and lay myself down to sleep. I have blankets, I will not freeze to death. It is supposed to be warmer tonight than it will be tomorrow night (talking about hgih 30’s for a low tomorrow, to hell with that. I cannot wait until summer arrives for real!

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