So long wisdom tooth, waiting on the cured fiberglass, pop-up thunderstorms.

They told me after I got my wisdom tooth out that I was not going to be able to do anything the rest of the day. They apparently don’t know me at all. Just because my blood pressure was exactly 120 over 80 does not in any way shape or form mean I am normal. I got home, played Minecraft for a little while to let the valium wear off, mowed the lawn, ate some soup and then I was off in search of fibeglass mat so I could finish the chainplate repair. I am not going to lose a day where I can spend the entire afternoon working just because I had surgery in he morning.
Right now the boat is happily at dock, which is a good thing considering I have half of the starboard chain plate bolts sitting in front of my laptop. Right now I am waiting for the fiberglass to cure up a little more, it is going fast and hot today so I want to keep an eye on it. When I did the top half it was all of 45 degrees outside so it cured really slow, today it is hovering just south of 90, so it is going a bit quicker.
This also explains the thunderstorms. I am hoping this active phase of the weather passes, it is Memorial Day weekend and I intend to do some cruising. Speaking of which I got accepted on the wiki-cruising forum, so I am going to start writing bits a pieces for that. I have a wonderful book of Lake Superior cruising lore and information, and if I can put some useful data onto the wiki that would be wonderful. Not that I really need to spend any more time getting distracted, but you cannot cruise every night. Some nights I will have nothing to write (of my story), nothing good to paint, and maybe I just want to edit the wiki.
I cannot wait until I get to the point where I can actually cleanup the interior of the boat. I have been doing so many projects that there are tools and shit everywhere.
First year on the boat issues I guess. Overall the boat is treating me just fine. I finally got Ian out on the boat, we just did a short harbor cruise, from the marina to Barkers and back. Ian enjoyed the cruise, it helped that there was no yelling of trim that line! You are on the wrong side of the boat! I am a far more casual sailor than that. I will get there when I get there. I am kind of like a stoner sailor, without the drugs.
I did get the CO stickers on the boat, since they are legally required now. I even got a CO detector. It is not technically a marine model, but I will write marine on it and then it will “say marine on it.” Some one hand me a sharpie.
The way the rule is written is really stupid. You have to have a “hard wired” CO detector on the boat, of course this is a sailboat. The power is usually turned off. Therefore I got a battery model, because, then it is hard wired to the most dependable battery on the boat. Meh, close enough.
I also went on Amazon today, post tooth extraction, and I ordered a solar panel that should fit just fine right on top of the cover for the slide back of the hatch, and a horn because the boat does not have one.
Well, I guess that is all I have to report at the moment. I am thinking I am going to sleep on the boat tonight because it will be far more comfortable here tonight than it will be at home!

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