Life update

I have a new job starting soon, and another new job starting eventually, The one is temp, the other is fun, and should actually be a fulfilling way to spend my working hours that will also give me the time I need to enjoy life.  What is life if you cannot enjoy it?

I will espouse more on that later.

I am thinking I may want to do a video short, all shot on a cell phone.  I am still mulling over plot ideas.  This is on the long term shelf.

But having a temp gig will be good, the bad thing is that it will be 2 AM until ? shift, but I guess that means that I will just not be able to have a lot of fun between now and the beginning of January.  Of course it ends just in time for bowling to start, which is good, I am looking forward to bowling!

I went on a road trip yesterday to near Marinette, Wisconsin.  I picked up boat parts and thankfully I decided to do the trip on Thursday because the areas I drove through yesterday when there was only a little bit of snow are getting dumped on today.  I do not mind driving in snow, but 500 miles in a snowstorm would be exhausting!

I am also making progress on the model sailboat project!  I have the hull largely hollowed out and I am going to figure out the deck and rigging part next.  I think I have to build some kind of cabin on it so that I can fit the electronics someplace they will stay dry, it is once again on the long term shelf.

It is snowing today, just a little, enough to make things white outside.

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