Egads, that took a while

I did it!  I got through all 500+ blog posts and got the blog authors, and categories all corrected to work within the new framework of this webpage!   Now I want to take a nap!  

Also, finally got the email confirmation on new job 2 of 3, start training Monday morning.

Job 3 starts in two weeks.

Job one is on hiatus until I get through job two (about six weeks) and I have job three far enough under control to take a few days to go freelance again.

I am also going to start working on putting up an art page, you know, selling paintings, maybe get a couple of them out of the house…  My current plan does not have the “simple payment buttons” but the code from Paypal is pretty damn easy to use.

I guess that is all for now, lets see if I can find you a pretty picture that sums up my mood right now…

A little blurry, alas…

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