Adventures in package throwing

I decided to do a temp gig at the post office, what a mistake that was.  The old adage is true, if you can’t change the situation you are in, leave, before it changes you.  

For years we have joked about people going postal, I always thought that the reason that people go postal had to do with untreated PTSD.  As it turns out the problem is just dealing with the poisonous type of people that are at the post office in general.  The problem isn’t the carriers, they are generally the least poisonous people there, and it isn’t with the people who are actually doing the work in the trenches, they have a job, and they do it.  The problem is with the people who are in charge.

The “management” at the post office seems to be people who are not capable of doing other jobs and are frustrated by this fact, and therefore they take their frustration out on the other people in their vicinity.  It seems the way to get promoted into a supervisory position is to get through the first year or so and then become so incompetent that the only place they can stick you is into management.

This makes for an overall poisonous environment and it makes sense why people have a low opinion of the post office.  I am not saying that the solution is privatization, that is a generally bad idea, but they really need to do some work of cleaning house.  When you have people who seem to think that the best way that they can spend time is to hide it is not a good work situation for anyone.

If you ever see an opportunity to work for the post office, run.  Run far, run fast.  It is a trap and it will eat your soul.  Go do anything else, unless if you are a person of extremely limited skills and a very thick skin, just walk away, it is not good for anyone.

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